Message from Stan!!!

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I would like to take this time to thank everyone that has made Killarney’s the #1 Raider bar in SoCal; In California and across the United States. Its amazing all the new patrons that show up for their first time after they have goggled “Raider bar to watch game” and Killarney’s shows up. We have patrons that drive from long distances and some that actually fly in from another state to be with us and our Raider Legends and friends. 

No one else has Cliff Branch opening up the season every year or Tom Flores on the Raider Bye-Week! I would like to thank all our guys that have shown up for our games as guests, including: Daryle Lamonica, Otis Sisitrunk, Reggie Kinlaw, Greg Townsend, Dokie Williams, Rod Barksdale, Michael Alexander, Ted Hendricks, Jim Otto, John Vella, Ted Kwalick, Burgess Owens, Rod Martin, Bruce Wilkerson, Derrick Ramsey, Odis McKinney, Jeff Jaeger, Napolean McCallum, Kenny King, Steve Wright, Ray Guy, Cerdick Hardman, Mike Siani, Lester Hayes, Dave Grayson, Mike Davis, & our friends who are no longer with us, Jack Tatum, Skip Thomas, Todd Christensen, Ben Davidson, Tom Keating, Marv Hubbard, Art Powell and others….