Draft Day Party hosted by KOS 714 Raider Booster Club

Draft Day Party hosted by KOS 714 Raider Booster Club

Thurs. Apr.28  6pm  at Breakaway Lounge

Special Guest:
Dokie Williams SBXVIII Champion.



Special Guest:
Charles White USC Heisman

Charles White USC Football  October 12, 1984 X 22729 credit:  Heinz Kluetmeier - staff

Charles White USC Football
October 12, 1984
X 22729
credit: Heinz Kluetmeier – staff

Special Guest:
Michael Alexander Former LA Raider

A special raffle giving away a double  autographed Marcus Allen/Greg Townsend plaque.


Breakaway Sports Lounge
2106 N. Tustin, Santa Ana CA 92705

Sunday Jan 24th @ The Citadel Outlets – MAJOR GUEST LIST

Kermit Alexander & NFL Legends

Kermit KermitA

NFL Legends are in the HOUSE!

What would a NFL PLayoff Party be without the Legends? Here’s a list of Kermit’s Friends that are stopping by for the January 24th Playoff Party and Autograph Signing Event.

  • Marv Fleming – 5 Super Bowl Rings (Packers/Dolphins)

  • Rosie Grier – Legendary Ram’s Fearsome-Foursome

  • Rod Martin – 2 Superbowl Rings (Raiders) MVP

  • Efren Herrera – Superbowl IIIX (Cowboys, Seahawks)

  • Dwight Hicks – Superbowl XVI & XIX (49ers)

  • LeRoy Irvin – 2 X Pro Bowl (Rams)

  • Cedrick Hardman – 2 X Pro Bowl (49’ers, Raiders)

  • Greg Bell  – 1984 Pro Bowl (Buffalo & Rams)

  • Leonard Russell 1991 Off Rookie of the Year (Patriots)

  • Dokie Williams –  SB XVBIII (Raiders)

  • Greg Townsend – SB XVIII (Raiders) 2 X Pro Bowl

  • Dave Hill – 2X Pro Bowl (Lions, LA Rams)

  • Craig McEwen  – SB XXII (Washington)

  • Mike Horan – SB XXXIV (St. Louis Rams)

  • Reggie Doss – SB XVIII (LA Rams)

  • Ron Brown – 1984 Olympian 4X4 (Rams, Raiders)

  • Joe Sweet  – (Rams, Chargers, Patriots)

  • Anthony Miller 5 X Pro Bowl (Chargers, Broncos, Cowboys

  • and more. . .

Watch daily as our list grows with more NFL Legends  headed to the Citadel Outlets  to sign autographs for charity at the autograph party and rub elbows at our Playoff Party in the VIP Suites – make sure you get your tickets early if you’re planning to attend the VIP – just $25 for adult and $10 for children. Game Day ticket prices go up!

Citadel Outlets in Commerce for an All-Out VIP Play-Off Party. January 24, 2016

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. – kick-off at Noon!

100 Citadel Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90040

Saturday Nov 7th Anthony Davis & Reggie Kinlaw at Frank and Sons

Saturday Nov 7th  Join us for a special signing with Anthony Davis & Reggie Kinlaw as our Guest at The Hall of Fame NFL Signing

Reggie Kinlaw Super Bowl XV and XVIII Champion will be signing autographs with us.

anthony davisPTDC0021_20120204629product_thumbnail

Anyone that purchases Anthony Davis ‘Kick-Off Concussion” Book through Lulu.com and Amazon.com and brings it to the show will get it autographed for free. This book ties in with the soon release movie “Concussion” Staring Will Smith, to be released in December. Click on the image of the book above to buy it through Lulu.com.

Frank and Son Collectable Show
19649 E. San Jose Ave.
City of Industry